Oct 30, 2022Liked by J. P. Bruce

JP Thank you for the above. The music is a bit distracting, but I lowered the sound. Somehow I came across the Launching of your book in Holycross College, opened by John Waters. I'm listening to it now. Its a very beautiful and haunting speech by John. I should have seen that two years ago. More would see it if you had John's name in the Title, like John Waters launches Ireland's Hope etc. He is a big draw these days. People are hungry to hear his words, he can quote so many books. I'm absolutely in awe of his talks. Its the way he delivers it with such emotion. I will listen back to this over and over again

The book is a bit expensive and I might buy it. I'm away at present. I see there is only one copy available to borrow from the Library system. The other two copies are Reference copies. I will borrow this upon my return. Well done Jim and family

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